Assessment Technology — May 12, 2015

Assessment Technology

Tara Wheatley

May 11, 2015

EDU 225

Instructor Biba

Today making sure each classroom is fully functional is necessary and possible by creating student – centered learning environment. Meeting the intended goals and possessing the knowledge retained is also a requirement. Technology becoming a necessary part of all classrooms, the tools and ability to use certain tools, will help decide which tool is best for lessons. Making tools accessible for students will contribute to formative and summative assessments during the school year. In order to effectively incorporate student center technology in the classroom the skills, knowledge, and effectiveness of technology must be acquired to ensure students are receiving quality instruction. Today students are now more responsible and have more control than in past classrooms. Teachers are given knowledge and skills for designing web sites and access sites to create fun active lessons for students. They are now adapting to technology working better in the classroom and with students. Keeping up in the digital world will only help to support and teach younger students the skills necessary to navigate throughout their school experiences. Beginning with typing and increasingly progressed, creating endless possibilities. Teachers know how to work and establish the programs in order to be sure their students can maintain the pace of the required technology. With technology the instruction has drastically changed from the past. Students as well as teachers can benefit from understanding how to operate systems. Knowing what benefits tools and software provide helps to enhance the lesson. Students can become more empowered by options and choices through technology, to display creative work. At last, knowing how to use and possess the skills necessary do not always come naturally but take time, patience, and the necessary tools. As we all know, knowledge is power with technology, the students are becoming more knowledgeable. Empowering students as they journey through education with confidence and ability. Due to technology, now even more possible then once imagined. Technology tools help to make this transition easier and smoother. Allowing the teachers to create personal portfolios as well become much more organized, and creative with lessons and classroom organization. The tools you decide to use can be utilized to help set structure, instruction, and provide the students with the confidence needed to succeed. Assessing the needs of the students also becomes part of what form of technology is used in most classrooms. Spread sheets, graphs, and blogs help to support learning by bring the communication aspect more apart of classroom structure. This opens communication between students, parents, and teachers to unite and become a part of the educational process. Through communicating, teachers develop a better sense of the potential weaknesses as well as strengths in most students. This will help to organize the initial layout or how the teacher wants to run the classroom. Technology based learning will continue to improve for years to come. Knowing the most today, will help the students become more adaptable in the future. As much as technology is steadily being improved, so will the ways in which students adapt to learning. The more exposure at a younger age a student has to understanding and adapting to technology, it will become natual and easier to continue learning.  Being sure the technology is adding to the success of the students must be understood before creating ideas and instruction. Making sure the students are all able to access the technology and add to assignments weather in and out of the classroom needs to be addressed before deciding which needs need to be met, as well as in what order they need to be addressed. Student centered technology will improve rapidly and the tools need to be utilized in order to create success. Monitoring and accessing the lesson plans during as well as before and after the lesson is complete is a way for teachers to be sure they are being successfully their selves. The calendars and formats available through most free web tools make this all possible. Being sure the effectiveness it creating the desired outcome. Changing and modifying until beneficial to classroom setting.Overall, technology is not a means to substitute teachers, but to enhance education. Keeping up with modern technology allows the students to learn more information, store it, and come back to modify at their own convience. Teachers and students need to possess the skills, knowledge and effectiveness of technology to for successful education.

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Include a description of the assessment and how it is to be used (formative/summative) and how you would use the data collected in your instruction.

In this instruction I would assess the students knowledge of homophones and how to use them correctly. Identifying them and using properly in sentences .In a formative assessments I would monitor the students grammar and proper understanding on how homophones sound alike ,yet have different meanings. This would follow instruction on identifying and using such homophones, spelling them correctly as well as using properly. I get more idea of  students understanding , as well as how they incorporate my lessons to their knowledge. I would offer also misspelling of words, contractions , and so forth in my initial lesson and assessment all together. At the end of the grading period or year I would place all the information  such as these homophones along with others, contractions, spelling and grammar identification in an overall summative assessments to gain and gather information to create final grades and criteria to asses the instruction. If the formative assessments was successful , the summative assessment should as well follow in a successful manner. The two create a guideline to instruction, and information processed to the students.



Tara Wheatley

April 3, 2015

EDU 225

Instructor Biba

Student centered technology in the classroom is becoming more necessary in the teaching as well as learning process. Technology is faster and reliable, providing advanced information in lesson plans. As teachers are there to teach, technology enhances and broadest the information in a manor faster than the teacher can communicate the words to the classroom. Technology being introduced into the classrooms has changes the way most locate and ask information. With jobs becoming more computerized in the future early knowledge makes it easier for the students to adapt and understand the technology of tomorrow with the skills of today. Incorporating technology in the classroom teachers and enhances the tools for success of yesterday, today, and tomorrow by empowering and improving education.
In the past students simply relied upon information and research through books, notes taken in classroom, and the teacher’s instruction. This instruction although seemed to work at the time, has been modified and improved greatly. Improvements that were not thought about in the past classrooms are now being made Teachers had less time to teach a lesson providing adequate information to students. It seemed the lack of education in classrooms was blamed on classroom size rather than the material and the lesson plan itself. The black board was used as a way to display examples, and when the lesson was over, there was nothing to go on but trying to recall what was shown to you at that particular moment. The only technology was computer lab or typing classes in some districts, as they depended solely on funding. This remained a huge issue for many students and teachers to enhance their classroom experience.
However in today’s classrooms, the technology has begun to change the way technology molds learning and teaching. Students can be fine tuned into information via internet and with of various web tools. These tools help widen the gap of information received and acquired, at a fast rate. The idea of searching for books and reading them has long been replaced with eBook and internet search engines. Search engines allow students to read summery of the books and obtain the important information at the touch of a mouse. No longer do students need to take hours of their time to depend and gather small amounts of information. Tools of technology are being used and incorporated in the classroom, creating a new wave of information for student success in education. Technology is helpful for teachers as well providing graphs, spread sheets, and even tools or helps monitor and construct lessons and progress with students. Communication has open up between parents, teachers and students with the newer devices introduced to students. This is all possible thanks to incorporating technology based learning into classrooms worldwide.
In the future educators will develop and create newer, more economical and available technology to introduce to students. The work force will require employees to be knowledgeable in modern technology to run machines and businesses alike. Students need to be able to operate different soft ware as well as have full understanding of technology, in order to be useful in the future. Weather hey enter a field specifically technology based or not, the understanding and knowledge is necessary to keep up in the social world as well. Banking, bill paying, information useful for daily life is going to be accessible by technology in the future. Preparing the students for the future ensures success in the future. The ideas of the future of technology depend on the knowledge and experiences of today’s students, trying to improve the future.
In respect that the students of the past and present are the light to a better future, technology is a prime example. Technology entered education is becoming a vast majority of empowering the future of all students. As early as education is presented to students, they are incorporation technology into their learning process. Being able to almost diminish materials for learning and solely depend on computers and web tools, as well as technology devices. Although this seems more expensive for technology to become available in classrooms, in the long run it will pay off. This is all possible thanks to the students and educators of the past improving the current student technology centered classrooms. Classrooms of the future will defiantly require more advanced material and information with the knowledge of technology and how it improves and forms the learning process. Empowering students with the skills acquired from past, present .and future will be a success with the use of incorporating technology in the classrooms.

Technology to Support Communication — April 20, 2015

Technology to Support Communication

Tara Wheatley

April 18, 2015

Instructor Biba


In today’s modern classrooms, the instruction and teaching techniques have made drastic improvements. Past classrooms relied on mainly textbooks, note taking, and paper tests. Today the idea of class room instruction has been replaced with digital textbooks and readers, white boards, and global interaction. Global communication in classrooms is now at rapid growth. Communication between students, parents, and the global community can be successfully achieved by the use of modern technology.

The most important key in such a successful classroom is communication .good communication changes the way students interact with each other. Technology will enhance how students communicate with the world around them. They can access the classroom web site to participate in discussions and gain homework information. They can also review class lessons as well as play games to refresh and sharpen up their skills via interactive web sites. Establishing a forum or setting up email interaction helps the students to send and receive important messages, and ask questions to teachers. This is all part of keeping students involved with technology in order to run an efficient well informed and involved classroom. As students become more advanced with technology it is vital that teachers are able to stay informed. The teacher must decide which devices and instruments are available and which works best for students to become more involved.’’ Technology integration in schools should enhance instruction by allowing and empowering students to construct their own meaning and use their prior knowledge’’, (Richards, 2005). Most students have at least one form of technology that they are more familiar with. Figuring out what device works most in each classroom will empower students to becoming more involved and successful. Email, texting, and blogging are available helping everyone stay connected.

Parents play important roles in education, by being able to communicate with teachers. Parent involvement changes the outcome of overall success rates.’’ Parental beliefs are likely to be influenced by teacher-parent communication’’, (TechTrends: Linking Research & Practice to Improve Learning Date: November 1, 2013). Having ways to share students work, involve parents in assignments, and keeping them informed with progress is most important. Sometimes parents do not realize the options they can choose through technology to communicate. Parent’s lack of involvement has mainly caused by miscommunication. With conflicting schedules emails and virtual conferences can now take place in conferences. Text and email are also available for talking to teachers one on one. Parents can gain access to the classroom blog or websites, asking questions, getting answers, and gaining knowledge of upcoming events. By keeping parents at the forefront of technology, communication improves.
The global community is now also an important piece of collaboration inside classrooms. Teachers can now interact with other classes and even participate in virtual field trips. This amazing part of technology can enhance lessons and add positive views for students. They can visually be able to see more insight; this is all possible with the use of technology. Studies indicate the obvious that ‘’the concept of multi- cultural education must teach learner to recognize ,accept, and appreciate all differences including cultural ,ethnic, social class ,religious, and gender’’,( Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin October 15, 2002). Having more understanding for students about the global community is possible through technology. This can bring unity and peace as well as understanding and acceptance globally.
After all, the world is becoming advanced with endless possibilities in technology. As we step into the virtual word we need to understand what works effectively in communication. Being more aware of what works best enhances overall classroom success. With technology communication between parents, teachers, and global community is now successful.

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STUDENT RESOURSES — April 16, 2015


Here we will list some ideas and information that may be helpful to both parents and students. .Also be sure to check as 

often as you can, I will include important assignments and always supply homework duties here. Also will list events in the

community that may be helpful for parents as well as for students.Students be sure to check out any links to games or web

sites that support your assiignments,This page will help to inform you of upcoming events as well as communicate with

eachother.This is a fun site that offers allot of information vital to good classroom communication. Do not forget to check

upcoming events and home work assignments as I will work with you and assist any time needed. Have fun!!!!


Today is a homework  FREE day, meaning we will not have any assignments to do. Use this time to share ideas you

might have  . As  each and  every one of you is very important. This is where you can find a list of assignments due

on a weekly or daily basis. Study hints, information and links to homework will always  be here for your convience.

Be sure to check out the newest sites we have as I will let you know which ones are vital in each assignment.




This week the library will be holding free computer classes to help introduce or brush up on skills between the hours of 1-3

pm. Be sure to check into that if you have any free time and this can help you in any way.

We will also hold parent teacher conferences next Monday after school between 5-7 , if interested ,fill in the slot where you

can make it under the classroom calendar, If these times do not work for you please email me ,and we will set up something

else to fit your schedule.

BLOG ENTRYS …. — April 15, 2015


Hello class. We had an excellent week and I am very proud of everyone. We went on our first of many field trips and it was a complete success. I was glad for the parents who offered to help, as well as those who were able to join us . Hope next trip will be as much a success at this one. Let me know how everyone liked it , as well as what you hope for future trips. all ideas and suggestions will be researched and appreciated. Thank you again, Miss.Wheatley

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About Miss. Wheatley

Hello everyone ,it’s your teacher here, Miss. Wheatley, I would like to give you a little bit of information about me and make sure you know how to contact me ,in case you need to ask questions , or just need to talk. I have worked with children and adults my entire life. I have graduated from the wonderful college of Grand Canyon and now I am pleased to be here with all of you.

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