Here we will list some ideas and information that may be helpful to both parents and students. .Also be sure to check as 

often as you can, I will include important assignments and always supply homework duties here. Also will list events in the

community that may be helpful for parents as well as for students.Students be sure to check out any links to games or web

sites that support your assiignments,This page will help to inform you of upcoming events as well as communicate with

eachother.This is a fun site that offers allot of information vital to good classroom communication. Do not forget to check

upcoming events and home work assignments as I will work with you and assist any time needed. Have fun!!!!


Today is a homework  FREE day, meaning we will not have any assignments to do. Use this time to share ideas you

might have  . As  each and  every one of you is very important. This is where you can find a list of assignments due

on a weekly or daily basis. Study hints, information and links to homework will always  be here for your convience.

Be sure to check out the newest sites we have as I will let you know which ones are vital in each assignment.




This week the library will be holding free computer classes to help introduce or brush up on skills between the hours of 1-3

pm. Be sure to check into that if you have any free time and this can help you in any way.

We will also hold parent teacher conferences next Monday after school between 5-7 , if interested ,fill in the slot where you

can make it under the classroom calendar, If these times do not work for you please email me ,and we will set up something

else to fit your schedule.