Tara Wheatley

April 3, 2015

EDU 225

Instructor Biba

Student centered technology in the classroom is becoming more necessary in the teaching as well as learning process. Technology is faster and reliable, providing advanced information in lesson plans. As teachers are there to teach, technology enhances and broadest the information in a manor faster than the teacher can communicate the words to the classroom. Technology being introduced into the classrooms has changes the way most locate and ask information. With jobs becoming more computerized in the future early knowledge makes it easier for the students to adapt and understand the technology of tomorrow with the skills of today. Incorporating technology in the classroom teachers and enhances the tools for success of yesterday, today, and tomorrow by empowering and improving education.
In the past students simply relied upon information and research through books, notes taken in classroom, and the teacher’s instruction. This instruction although seemed to work at the time, has been modified and improved greatly. Improvements that were not thought about in the past classrooms are now being made Teachers had less time to teach a lesson providing adequate information to students. It seemed the lack of education in classrooms was blamed on classroom size rather than the material and the lesson plan itself. The black board was used as a way to display examples, and when the lesson was over, there was nothing to go on but trying to recall what was shown to you at that particular moment. The only technology was computer lab or typing classes in some districts, as they depended solely on funding. This remained a huge issue for many students and teachers to enhance their classroom experience.
However in today’s classrooms, the technology has begun to change the way technology molds learning and teaching. Students can be fine tuned into information via internet and with of various web tools. These tools help widen the gap of information received and acquired, at a fast rate. The idea of searching for books and reading them has long been replaced with eBook and internet search engines. Search engines allow students to read summery of the books and obtain the important information at the touch of a mouse. No longer do students need to take hours of their time to depend and gather small amounts of information. Tools of technology are being used and incorporated in the classroom, creating a new wave of information for student success in education. Technology is helpful for teachers as well providing graphs, spread sheets, and even tools or helps monitor and construct lessons and progress with students. Communication has open up between parents, teachers and students with the newer devices introduced to students. This is all possible thanks to incorporating technology based learning into classrooms worldwide.
In the future educators will develop and create newer, more economical and available technology to introduce to students. The work force will require employees to be knowledgeable in modern technology to run machines and businesses alike. Students need to be able to operate different soft ware as well as have full understanding of technology, in order to be useful in the future. Weather hey enter a field specifically technology based or not, the understanding and knowledge is necessary to keep up in the social world as well. Banking, bill paying, information useful for daily life is going to be accessible by technology in the future. Preparing the students for the future ensures success in the future. The ideas of the future of technology depend on the knowledge and experiences of today’s students, trying to improve the future.
In respect that the students of the past and present are the light to a better future, technology is a prime example. Technology entered education is becoming a vast majority of empowering the future of all students. As early as education is presented to students, they are incorporation technology into their learning process. Being able to almost diminish materials for learning and solely depend on computers and web tools, as well as technology devices. Although this seems more expensive for technology to become available in classrooms, in the long run it will pay off. This is all possible thanks to the students and educators of the past improving the current student technology centered classrooms. Classrooms of the future will defiantly require more advanced material and information with the knowledge of technology and how it improves and forms the learning process. Empowering students with the skills acquired from past, present .and future will be a success with the use of incorporating technology in the classrooms.