Tara Wheatley

May 11, 2015

EDU 225

Instructor Biba

Today making sure each classroom is fully functional is necessary and possible by creating student – centered learning environment. Meeting the intended goals and possessing the knowledge retained is also a requirement. Technology becoming a necessary part of all classrooms, the tools and ability to use certain tools, will help decide which tool is best for lessons. Making tools accessible for students will contribute to formative and summative assessments during the school year. In order to effectively incorporate student center technology in the classroom the skills, knowledge, and effectiveness of technology must be acquired to ensure students are receiving quality instruction. Today students are now more responsible and have more control than in past classrooms. Teachers are given knowledge and skills for designing web sites and access sites to create fun active lessons for students. They are now adapting to technology working better in the classroom and with students. Keeping up in the digital world will only help to support and teach younger students the skills necessary to navigate throughout their school experiences. Beginning with typing and increasingly progressed, creating endless possibilities. Teachers know how to work and establish the programs in order to be sure their students can maintain the pace of the required technology. With technology the instruction has drastically changed from the past. Students as well as teachers can benefit from understanding how to operate systems. Knowing what benefits tools and software provide helps to enhance the lesson. Students can become more empowered by options and choices through technology, to display creative work. At last, knowing how to use and possess the skills necessary do not always come naturally but take time, patience, and the necessary tools. As we all know, knowledge is power with technology, the students are becoming more knowledgeable. Empowering students as they journey through education with confidence and ability. Due to technology, now even more possible then once imagined. Technology tools help to make this transition easier and smoother. Allowing the teachers to create personal portfolios as well become much more organized, and creative with lessons and classroom organization. The tools you decide to use can be utilized to help set structure, instruction, and provide the students with the confidence needed to succeed. Assessing the needs of the students also becomes part of what form of technology is used in most classrooms. Spread sheets, graphs, and blogs help to support learning by bring the communication aspect more apart of classroom structure. This opens communication between students, parents, and teachers to unite and become a part of the educational process. Through communicating, teachers develop a better sense of the potential weaknesses as well as strengths in most students. This will help to organize the initial layout or how the teacher wants to run the classroom. Technology based learning will continue to improve for years to come. Knowing the most today, will help the students become more adaptable in the future. As much as technology is steadily being improved, so will the ways in which students adapt to learning. The more exposure at a younger age a student has to understanding and adapting to technology, it will become natual and easier to continue learning.  Being sure the technology is adding to the success of the students must be understood before creating ideas and instruction. Making sure the students are all able to access the technology and add to assignments weather in and out of the classroom needs to be addressed before deciding which needs need to be met, as well as in what order they need to be addressed. Student centered technology will improve rapidly and the tools need to be utilized in order to create success. Monitoring and accessing the lesson plans during as well as before and after the lesson is complete is a way for teachers to be sure they are being successfully their selves. The calendars and formats available through most free web tools make this all possible. Being sure the effectiveness it creating the desired outcome. Changing and modifying until beneficial to classroom setting.Overall, technology is not a means to substitute teachers, but to enhance education. Keeping up with modern technology allows the students to learn more information, store it, and come back to modify at their own convience. Teachers and students need to possess the skills, knowledge and effectiveness of technology to for successful education.