Include a description of the assessment and how it is to be used (formative/summative) and how you would use the data collected in your instruction.

In this instruction I would assess the students knowledge of homophones and how to use them correctly. Identifying them and using properly in sentences .In a formative assessments I would monitor the students grammar and proper understanding on how homophones sound alike ,yet have different meanings. This would follow instruction on identifying and using such homophones, spelling them correctly as well as using properly. I get more idea of  students understanding , as well as how they incorporate my lessons to their knowledge. I would offer also misspelling of words, contractions , and so forth in my initial lesson and assessment all together. At the end of the grading period or year I would place all the information  such as these homophones along with others, contractions, spelling and grammar identification in an overall summative assessments to gain and gather information to create final grades and criteria to asses the instruction. If the formative assessments was successful , the summative assessment should as well follow in a successful manner. The two create a guideline to instruction, and information processed to the students.