Tara Wheatley
April 26, 2015
EDU 225
Instructor Biba

In the classroom’s of today, technology is redefining and recreating to enhance the experiences and lessons. Students are learning how to recreate and bring to life what they are learning. Teachers are now responsible for recreating a positive environment and keeping the children interested .Technology is part of today’s society and future, as should it be implemented into the classroom. Keeping the children informed by using technology is steadily being improved by facilitating technology both inside and outside of classrooms, in the work place as well as in their daily lives.
In the past, teachers may have not included technology in lesson plans that however are rapidly changing. With the communication process being redefined by use of emails and texts verses phone calls and notes, we must include these in lesson plans. It is important to be able to keep up and relate to our students. And, with the texting and emails being most popular, we can incorporate these into lessons to keep students informed as well as interested. For instance we can share information gathered between each other as well as with other class mates. Through the cell phones, these are available with free downloadable apps as well. Texting lesson details, dates, and information through emails and texting are an effective way to communicate both in and outside of the classroom. Although all students may not have the ability to use these devices at home, there may be library, computers at school, as well as free wi-fi offered at most restaurants and book stores.
Another form of integrating technology in the classroom is by researching, arguing, comparing, and sharing information by communicating with others. This is happening through internet through web pages, blogs, and video conferences. The internet is not meant to replace teaching, but used to support and research what is being taught. By use of web tools and the internet students can create and design their own work and display their character in their works. Web blogging and classroom pages help get everyone involved in the classroom by exchange of ideas and opinions. This productively helps engage the students in the classroom. Weather they are at home or in small groups in the classroom, they are able to stay connected .Being connected to the classroom, helps to enhance learning as well as positively keep students engaged in excelling educationally.
Web tools as well as interactive web sites are making their way in the classroom, as they should be. This is also not meant to replace teachers, but to help students become familiar with text. Interactive play can be used as a study guide or to help sharpen skills if needed. These sites and tools can be added into classrooms as positive behavior reinforcements. Students need to earn to use of such fun activities and be rewarded for good behavior. They can also use Web tools which are offered predominately for free use. This is another way technology can enhance lessons and in today’s classrooms, homes, as well as in the work force. With Google, Webby, Word press, and so forth students can recreate just about anything. Graphs, schedules, calendars and so on are being created to help bring lessons into action.
Presentation soft ware has made its way into the workforce with extreme success, and is now being used in today’s classrooms. PowerPoint’s are being used to outline and define instruction in lesson plans more than in the past. Students are able to create outlines and demonstrate projects through use of different presentation softwear. This software has ability to create and design pages and information with the use of many different web tools. Again, enhancing the way lessons are being taught as well as presented to classmates and teachers. Such form of presenting information helps to give students experience for future references. This type of technology helps to enhance the creative side of students and prepares them for the workplace and their futures.
Lastly, technology has made its impact on this world and most importantly in the classrooms. With centrally improvements, the success rate for students to excel is endless with knowledge and the privilege to use all possible forms of technology to enhance the learning process. By being informed and understanding current technology students improve their lives, workplace, future, and most important ant classroom experiences.